Sunday, August 8, 2010


During the third day of August 1992 at 9 pm was born a male baby weighing 2.9KG in a private clinic. The baby was named by the name of Muhammad Khairi Bin Kamaluddin. when my baby was treated with loving by parents and KURS. My favorite little milk during the Dumex brand. while small, I often experience fever and flu. however I was an active baby. sleep, I do not like to sleep under but I'd rather sleep in the swing feels like to be the mother hug.

In my family, my uncle has a good but tough. My family is not it great, because my mom has two siblings only. while in my father's side there are five sisters, four women one man. I still have a opah next to my father's family is my love.

When I was 2 years old I had an unforgettable experience by my parents when I was a high fever, vomiting, vomiting and bloody diarrhea. I have included in the ward for 10 days
. while in the ward, my mother to bed with a problem for me because I was sleeping in a swing bed is not in children. eventually after I recovered, I was circumcised by my parents.

At the age of five years, my parents sent me to kindergarten unity. at first I also wonder why some of the other children often cry when left by their parents not like me that just cool.
So I know that I have been heading to school in a national school Selayang Jaya. On that day, my mom had put my new school clothes and new shoes and bags. I feel excited to go to school that day is freedom to me. I ride the school bus when going to and returning from school. My mom give RM 1.50 at the time to spend our money to use at school. I rarely eat in the canteen but using pocket money to buy the extinguisher to be used as toys, fortunately my mom does not know. year two to year six, I was more interested in mathematics. I always get high marks at the time.

When Ramadan, I was taught to fast a day by my mom. First it does not hold, but eventually I can get used away from half-day to one day.

In the school holidays, I brought my mom along by his friends to go to langkawi boarding. That was my first taste of experience boarding. Felt great holiday there. Mama had favorite there, especially chocolate, unfortunately I do not like chocolate at that time. because of the small time I really fussy about food is roti canai and nasi color are my love. meaning of colored rice is Chinese fried rice.

Time passed so fast, twinkling eyes that I had been in the form 1. I was appointed to the school ,i become a perfect. I feel proud at the time. i can not wait to tell my parents about the appointment. in school, I had a friend named Abdul Hamid. I always walk out and play bowling when there are plenty. He often invites me jogging in the park kites near my house.

Now he was studying at the polytechnic Perak. He is the only friend who is very good and understanding.

The much-awaited moment has come the holidays. At the time I have returned to this village in kedah the family my father is my step-father. Would be nice to spend raya gathering crowds while enjoying juaddah Somerset and my favorite peanut sauce. When leave has been exhausted, I returned to Kuala lumpur.

At the age of 16 years as a result of not listening to advice that Mom always advised me not to always drink, carbonated drinks, but surprising result of my stubbornness, I was suffering because appendicitis and I was operated. since then I rarely take carbonated drinks.

In high school, I was more into the field running events 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters and represent the school in this event. Many of the programs I enter the tent of worship, camps and other simultaneously.

PMR and SPM results I can say quite enough to eat. even though I know the decision was very disappointing my mom, but I aspire to experience my weaknesses.

Alhamdulillah after waiting for 12 months, I was admitted to a community college in Sabak Bernam 13 / 7 / 2010. I shall depart, accompanied by family members. Upon completion of the registration process, when the arrival time of separation of family members. that little story of my life.


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