Thursday, July 15, 2010

PErasaan DI sabak bernam (Kolej )

woo .. me so exited at sabak ... n many friend i have now ..they all gud gud ..^ ^
haha ..
now i wan talk u about kolej komuniti ..
here all ok .... no problm at all ..but if u do doing problm u cant escape from here ..
because at here all living at sabak bernam now undercontrol by police !! ...
n here we cant do any maksiat or wat2 la ..haa ..
but if u a gud quantity ..
sure u not be invoted la..haha
ok la wan play expolrace 2.30 ..
me on9 back at 7.30 pm or ++ //
bye2 ...
see ya ..
any problm plz pm me at myspace or facebook...
bye2 ^ ^

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